New! A Q&A With Sam Raimi about Spider-Man!

New! A Q&A With Stan Lee about Spider-Man and Sam Raimi!

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Intruder Evil Dead

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Sam talks about The Gift
A Gift for Fear

Scott Spiegel talks about movie violence, film critics and cameos
100 good reasons

Bruce and Ted have been making "Cabaret" appearances at Creation Cons - if you missed 'em here's your chance to get a peak at what they're like!
Life's a Cabaret

Cate Blanchett talks about "The Gift," and gushes about Sam
Cate Modern

Bruce talks about the nicest moron he knows
Bruce talks Ted

Josh Becker talks about Ted Raimi
J on T

Fangoria interviews Sam on Darkman

The Man Behind Darkman

Super 8's, and what led to Evil Dead

College Filmmakers Turn Professional

Intruder/Scott Spiegel article

Thou Shalt Kill... Period

The Bruce Campbell Project

Witch project is changing the industry?

Learn how to make a hideous Henrietta

Mark & Ted's Evil Dead Adventure

He's more than Mr. Lucy Lawless

Rob Tapert - Invisible Shemp

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Scoot on over there for a biography, filmography, pictures and articles - including...
The Saturn Award Interview

An interview with Scott about his winning of this award for his movie, Texas Blood Money
Hear Scott say funny things, and listen to a clip from Intruder - If these sounds don't terrify you, you're already dead!

Scott Speaks!
Sam who? Find out with these articles on Mr. Raimi
Filmmaking on the Fringe

Sam Raimi interview from 1995
From Super-8 to Super Hit

Sam Raimi article from "Making Movies: The Inside Guide to Independent Movie Production"
Out of Left Field

Interview with Sam Raimi about his newest movie, For Love of the Game [Entertainment Weekly - issue #503/September ‘99]
Evil Dead

FANGORIA [issue #3, volume 3; 1982]
Article and interview concerning the movie that started it all.
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Chat Transcript

Sam's most recent chat promoting For Love of the Game
Chat Transcript

The transcript to the chat the FS held with Mr. Spiegel

Interested in the Shemps' shorts? Check out these briefs!
Clockwork Review
Within the Woods Review
Articles on these Super-8's by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert - before they were stars!
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